Anti-slip absorbent disposable medical mat

Anti-slip  absorbent disposable medical mat Quam Floor XL

Advantages of Quam floor XL

- Absorbent top layer. Tread resistant.

- Absorbent (Airlaid Material). It retains liquids inside.

- Non-slip bottom layer (adherent plastic) and waterproof


- Does not fragment or crack.

- Absorption of water, blood and irrigation fluids.

- High absorption capacity approx. 2 liters / m2 (Water)

- High absorption capacity approx. 2 liters / m2 (NaCl 0.9%)

- Dry weight 160 gr. approx.

- Can be cut.

- Single use only. Latex free.

- Anti-slip test: Lower polyethylene friction coefficient:

> 0.6 COF. Methodology used: ASTM D1894



EC. Class I (non-sterile)


REF. 4148QFLOOR16075 - QUAM FLOOR XL  medical mat 160 x 75 cm. - box 21 units.

REF. 4148QFLOOR20075 - QUAM FLOOR XL medical mat  200 x 75 cm. - box 21 units.

REF. 4148QFLOOR10075 - QUAM FLOOR XL medical mat 100 x 75 cm. - box 50 units.

Absorbent disposable medical mat Quam Floor 2.4 72x37 cm


Quam floor superabsorbent surgical mat (2.4 72x37cm) is a single-use hygienic mat, easy-to-use and with high absorption capacity.    


A medical mat a few millimeters thick but capable of absorbing up to 9 liters of water and / or 3.5 liters of saline solution. 

It is an ideal medical mat to retain fluids and bacteria and ideal to place under the operating table, or in front of the operating equipment, 2. which is what gets more dirty.


Advantages of Quam floor 2.4 - super absorbent mat.

- Absorbs aqueous fluids such as saline, urine and / or blood.

- Absorption capacity 9 liters of water and / or 3.5 liters of 0.9% NaCl.

- Core: cellulose and sodium polyacrylate

- Outer cover: polypropylene TNT

- Single use only

- Size 72x37cm


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